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How to Setup SPF for SMTP2GO? : PowerDMARC

To allow SMTP2GO to send emails on your behalf you will have to add them to your SPF record. When you edit your SPF record the name of the organization will be used to match sending email servers into our system which is checked against SPF records. Adding Sender Domains on SMTP2GO. Sign in to your SMTP2GO control panel

smtp2go.com Lookup - SPF-Record

An SPF record was found for the domain smtp2go.com. The syntax check resulted in a total 1 error. The SPF record for smtp2go.com is not valid. The e-mail spoofing protection for this domain is not or not sufficiently available.

Configure SPF with SMTP2GO | OnDMARC Help Center

SPF and DKIM. To authorize and authenticate emails from SMTP2GO using your domain you have to add a Sender domain. Once you do that SPF and DKIM are automatically handled by smtp2go. For instructions on how to do this please click on the button below. SPF and DKIM set up. Create a free OnDMARC account to test your configuration.

Why We Ask You to Add a Sender Domain - SMTP2GO

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records tell the recipient server that you have given SMTP2GO’s servers permission to send on behalf of your domain name. A DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) signature digitally signs your emails so that your particular domain name can claim responsibility for the email sent.

Sender Domain Update - SMTP2GO

You won’t need to worry at all about SPF records anymore as we will automatically handle it for you! To be ready for the changes, you will need to login to the SMTP2GO App, go to the Settings > Sender Domains page, then click on each of your domains and add the required DNS records with your DNS provider. If you send from any domains that aren’t already there, we recommend adding those domains.

SMTP 2 Go-SPF & DKIM Setup

How to Set Up/Modify SPF for SMTP2GO. 1. Login to your SMTP2GO control panel then click on the left hand menu and select "Settings" then select "Sender Domains". 2. Once on the Sender Domains page you will need to enter the domain or domains you send email from in the input field. 3.

SPF: spf.smtp2go.com

This seems to be a healthy SPF record. This SPF record has 0/10 terms that cause DNS queries. This is an approximate list of the IP addresses that the domain spf.smtp2go.com allows email to be sent from according to their SPF record. smtp2go. (1024 addresses)

Sender Domains – SMTP2GO Support

Step One: From the left-hand menu, make your way to the ' Settings > Sender Domains ' page in your SMTP2GO control panel. Enter your domain name in the textbox and click 'Add Domain'. For example, if you send your emails from hello@exampledomain.com then you would enter exampledomain.com.